Life at FlightHub

Fulfilling Teamwork
We invest in our people to make well-balanced teams who are motivated and empowered to find growth and success. We win together.
“I love the "Get Shit Done" mentality. The amount I have learned has been substantial. It’s truly helped develop my knowledge of what I work on, and even beyond.”
– Full Stack Developer
“The first thing that comes to mind when people ask me about my job is the scale of the products we work on. FlightHub has really changed my perspective and my approach coding.”
– Back-end Developer
“I’m part of a team that has a wonderful supporting vibe. My colleagues are hardworking, determined, and always available if I have any questions.”
– Designer
* actual employee
Oh, perks? We have those too.
Health Insurance
We have extensive group benefits, sized for individuals, couples, and families. Includes health, dental, a long list of specialists, and more!
Full gym membership at Gold’s Gym from day one, or apply the subsidy to whatever gets you moving: yoga, soccer club, martial arts, etc.
No hassle monthly bus, metro, and train passes are heavily subsidized to the point they’re almost free. Parking is free for everyone.
Eco Friendly
Generous monthly recurring subsidy for a new plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle.
All our kitchens are stocked with bananas, apples, nuts, snack bars, and other delicious goodies.
Free coffee, tea, or espresso all day, every day.
We’re always looking for more ideas, and all employees are welcomed to suggest new ones!
Supporting our Community
Our impact goes beyond the reach of our employees and customers. We’ve partnered and donated generously in support of our community, particularly the causes close to our hearts (and head office!).
We help provide life-changing positive influence to children who are struggling. The mentorship programs make a real difference in the lives of the youth who many not otherwise have been given a chance.
Fulfilling the wishes of children and their families, through the gift of travel, was an easy choice for us. Perfect match for our organizations!
We’ve assembled numerous food baskets, particularly around the holiday period, to help support families in need.
Have another great organization we should know about? Get in touch with our heart@flighthub.com